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So I was looking at fan art of the Rogues and I stumbled across something I’ve over looked many times…


Billy Hong?! Who’s Billy Hong? And when did James get with the kid’s mom to produce him?

What does he look like in the comics? ((‘cause I’m only seen fan art so far))

Can Someone Please Explain This More To Me?

#Flash Rogues #Billy Hong #Trickster #James Jesse #Please explain this to me?

  1. touchofgrey37 said: Billy only appeared in one issue, the New Years Evil thing for the Rogues, but it was a good issue. As for how he had the kid…the traditional way? Though knowing James, handcuffs and a rubber chicken were also probably involved.
  2. flyingambulist answered: WE DON’T TALK ABOUT BILLY IN THESE PARTS
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